Monday, March 23, 2009

A few hurdles...

What are the boundaries of the policy?

  • The main Homewood campus surrounded by gates.
  • Within 50* fifty feet of all Residence Halls and Apartments under the Housing office’s supervision.

How will students be notified of the policy change?

  • Flyer mailboxes and tables at dinning halls
  • Daily Announcements
  • Email
  • Big TV screens
  • Hold school-wide debate/forum
    –“Town hall meeting” to discuss the new policy and allow students to voice concerns or give suggestions about the proposed policy

Addressing additional challenges

  • Opposition: we are providing a systematic phase out of smoking, and we give people an opportunity to voice their concerns.
  • Implementation of policy: Campus Police, Peer-Policing, $15 fine
    *NOTE* Peer-policing involves non-confrontational enforcement from peers; approaching smokers on campus to remind them of the smoke-free policy and ask that they refrain from smoking. If any security notices smokers on campus, the fine is not mandated instantly. Smokers will be reminded of the policy, asked to refrain, and be provided with cessation resources. The $15 fine would only be incurred for failure to comply. After discussions with over 20 current smoke-free campuses following this enforcement pattern, none have ever had to resort to a fine as most smokers were willing to relocate or extinguish their tobacco product.
  • Awareness: Collaborate with PEEPS to do tobacco education, work with counseling center to develop quit-counseling group.

*The 50 foot area was chosen at the time of the proposal based on discussions with currently practicing smoke-free universities. After further communications with other universities, and in light of new research, this number is being reevaluated to drop to 25-30 feet.

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