Wednesday, October 10, 2012

HKB Member Blog- Health Effects of Tobacco Use

Health Effects of Tobacco Use

There is an abundance of detrimental health effects of tobacco use.

Tobacco use currently leads to 20% of deaths in the US annually, or in other words, 443,000 deaths per year.

There are many cancers, associated with tobacco use, including cancer of the: bladder, cervix, esophagus, kidneys, larynx, oral cavity, pancreas, pharynx, stomach, and lungs.

Tobacco use is a cause of lung cancer and leads to approximately 80% of women’s lung cancer deaths and 90% of men’s lung cancer deaths. Women are 13 times more likely to obtain lung cancer if smoking tobacco, and men are 23 times more likely to do so.

Smoking also increases the risk of lung diseases such as emphysema, bronchitis, chronic airway obstruction and leads to one being 13 times more likely to die from chronic obstructive lung diseases.   

Tobacco use additionally harms ones cardiovascular health, for smoking is a cause of coronary heart disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm, and increases one’s risk of obtaining peripheral vascular disease.

Smoking is also attributed to infertility, and has adverse impact on young ones, including: preterm delivery, still birth, low birth weight, and sudden infant death syndrome, also known as SIDS.

It is evident that there is a dearth of health reasons why one should not smoke tobacco. Hopefully this will move people to not start the habit, and quit if they have! Remember, HKB is on your side!!



  1. Tobacco is not good to health, as we all know, but the people uses the tobacco products more like cigars etc. if once the person is addicted then he cant come out of these. these really informative and helpful to all the people.

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  5. Stop taking tobacco it may cause to death, as it lead to lung cancer. See this blog for more information - Lung Cancer Symptoms



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